Pump up Mix: Volume 2

Although this is another pump-up mix, it is also a pseudo weekly music wrap-up because most of these jams are new tunes that have been circulating DJ sets around the world.  Up first is the 8-minute epic tune produced by Armin Van Buuren called Intense.  If you ever wanted to jam out to violins this is the song.  As a bonus you can click HERE to watch him play the song along with the a classical orchestra in front of the new Dutch Royal Family.  That was a weird sentence to say but yea check out the clip, it’s interesting.  The next 6 songs are by Avicii.  I know that’s a lot, but he just dropped his debut album and it is filled with jams.  Each song has its own unique feel and diverse style which are what make the album so awesome.  The last 3 are tunes that have been churned out by every DJ in their most recently festival sets.  They are fun, in your face loud, and have awesome drops.  You can’t help but dance along to their beats.  There was one more song on the mix, but grooveshark didn’t have it so I added it to the end of the post.  It is a Remix of the extremely popular Wanted jam, We Own the Night.  Dannic masterfully adds a great beat to bring this song to the next level.  Now turn up your speakers and jam out to the mix!


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