Taco Tuesday: Carnitas


I’m back with another round of taco awesomeness.  Carnitas are up there with my favorite style of taco because it is basically the Mexican relative of the pulled pork sandwich.  I’m a big fan of everything pork related and especially a fan of slow cooked, easy to pull apart, melt in your mouth meat.  Carnitas were my first venture from the safe world of ground beef and fish tacos.  I found this cool infographic/recipe somewhere along my internet travels and wanted to try it out.


My first issue was figuring out that when a recipe calls for pork butt, it means shoulder.  I spent a good 10 minutes intensely searching through the meat section for some butt, only to ask for help and realize that I needed shoulder.  (That sentence felt dirty…also that one about meat melting in the mouth, I’m on a roll)  After being embarrassed by my looking like a pork novice, I was able to quickly find everything else and get out of the store.  The rest of the recipe is pretty self explanatory and the large amount of pictures helps you to easily follow along.  A couple things to keep in mind was whipping up this tastiness: it takes lots of time and you need lots of ventilation.  While the meat absorbs most of the flavor from the sauce, a lot of it escapes as vapor.  Your kitchen will become super hot and overpowered with the smell of cooking carnitas.  Although I love the smell, having a window open and the fan running is definitely the move.  If you want to try a different method and have more time, you can always dust off the old crockpot and toss all the ingredients into there for 8 hours.

Taco Tasting Tunes

Ok I know I’m being really lazy here and I missed last week’s music wrap-up, but I’m not gonna customize a playlist for these carnitas.  Instead, I’m going to throw you the the links for two album streams.  Since you have to wait 3 hours for these tasty treats to cook, you’ll have plenty of time to kick back and give these both a thorough listening.  I’m certainly going to listen to these both in the next couple days and write a brief review, so here is a chance to get the jump on me and already know the albums back and front.

Drake-Nothing Was the Same

Lorde-Pure Heroine


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