¿ Taco Tuesday ¿

I have absolutely no idea when to use inverted question marks or exclamation points because I never took spanish, but I think they are awesome and add some festive flair to my blog so yea….Anyway here is the second installment of Taco Tuesdays¡  I thought I would veer a little off the course this week and not even share a recipe for a delectable protein.  Instead, I’m going to teach you the art of making taco bowls.  After a couple Taco Tuesdays, I got bored of only switching up the meat so I decided to venture off into creating different taco carrying vessels.  One of my favorites is the taco bowl.  It is simply a flour tortilla molded into the shape of a bowl and baked to crispiness.  You can load up your taco goodness into the bowl and crack off pieces of the bowl to use as chips while you dig in.  What more can you ask for?  Enough describing, time to make these bad boys.  The way you make the bowls depends on what type of tortilla you are working with.  If you bought the smaller ones (about 6″), you are going to need a cupcake pan, pam cooking spray, and an oven.  Make sure you preheat at 375°F.  While that happens, take the cupcake pan and turn it upside down.  Take a tortilla and mold it to the shape of a bowl using the pan to help.  Check out this image for some guidance:Image

After you got them sitting like this, spray them up with some pam and let them cook in the oven for about 15 minutes.

If you bought the bigger, burrito style, tortillas it will be hard for them to keep the shape with the cupcake pan.  Instead, go to your cupboard and grab a glass cup.  Flip that guy upside down and mold the tortilla into a bowl around it.  Here is another pic for some visual guidance:


Pam it up and bake that bowl for the same amount of time with the same temp.  Your bowl will be done when it looks a little brown and is hard to the touch.  Now, throw a bunch of delectable goodness in your bowl and devour!

Taco Bowl Makin Music

This is the new single released from Avicii’s debut album, True.  It is a combination of Niles Rodgers on guitar, Adam Lambert on vocals, and Avicii on everything else.  Niles has become the new guru of electronic music and is coming off the massive success of his funky guitar riffs on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.  You may remember Adam Lambert from American Idle, he was the dude with the crazy get ups that “shocked middle America”.  He is currently trying to be the new Freddie Mercury by taking the frontman spot and touring with Queen.  And if you don’t know Avicii then you have been living underground for the past couple years.  He has departed from his signature sound that was heard on his massive hit Levels.  He displays his ability to funk out on this new jam so throw it on, make some taco bowl, and have enjoy Taco Tuesdays.


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