Weekly Music Wrap-up

I’m starting a new segment because work is a little slow on Fridays and because this blog needs regular segments so I can put myself on a schedule of posting.  Each week I’m going to look through my recent music downloads and try to pick out the gems for you guys to listen to.  I can’t promise that each week will have stellar selections, but I’ll try my best to provide you with the best new jams.

This song hit hard and I love it.  Oddly enough, the combination of dubstep and Pusha T works quite well for this track.  I’m looking forward to further collabs between hip hop artists and electronic artists

Cardo’s Groove III

This is a 4 minute piece of G-funk dopeness.  It is just a beat, but it takes you on a journey back to the era of Dre and Snoop in the early 90s.  Throw it on and funk out as hard as you can.

World Peace-Dizzy Wright

A feel good jam about….you guessed it, World Peace!  Solid instrumental with smooth flow.  Nothing revolutionary, just a fun tune to listen to.

A poppy tune produced by the electronic master, Diplo.  Really fun tune to listen to and it definitely puts you in the right mood for the start of the weekend.

Stay the Night- Zedd ft. Hayley Williams

Zedd dropped one of the best electronic albums this year with a crossover hit with the same name (Clarity).  Now that Clarity is played on every radio station and has even topped the charts, Zedd is coming back at us with a brand new production featuring the vocals of the talented Hayley Williams.  This is sure to be another chart topper with an uptempo beat and pop vocals.  To be honest, it is not my favorite jam but it will definitely be a hit.

So there you go, the first weekly music wrap-up.  Go throw on some of these tenacious tunes and start enjoying the beginning of your weekend.  Live it up, Tacos and Tunes style.


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