¡Taco Tuesday¡

It’s kinda sad that I write a blog titled Tacos and Tunes and I haven’t even mentioned tacos once.  Tons of tunes, tons of other food, no tacos.  That’s messed up.  If I had readers, they probably would have complained about this a lot earlier.  But anyway, it’s Tuesday so that means one thing….Taco Time.  Tacos are one of my favorite dishes to prepare because there is so much room for variety and creativity.  There is no “right” taco, so I let my imagination run wild with some weird ingredients.  When it comes to Taco Night, I like to have a do it yourself type set up.  I’ll get funky and create a tasty meat, and everything else is up to you.  I like to lay out many bowls with salsa, guac, spanish rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, and anything else you like to stuff your soft shell with.taco-bar

The meat (or fish) portion of the taco is the most important and where you have room to maneuver.  Until a couple years ago, I was a strictly ground beef guy.  Then I discovered the greatness in variety and haven’t looked back.  For my first Taco Tuesday I’m going to share my favorite fish taco recipe.  I know I’m risking my reputation by linking to a food blog called skinny taste, but I don’t care.  That’s how tasty these bad boys are, and they are simple to make.  So go get your taco on!

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

Taco Makin Music

What would a taco post be without some music to make them to.  The playlist below is comprised of songs by a traditional Portuguese folk band called Dead Combo.  I know this is a complete departure from the music I have previously posted, but these guys get me in a taco mood so I thought I would share.  The band consists of just two dudes with guitars and the occasional help from a percussion instrument.  Let them strum away while you whip up a mean batch of tacos.  Hope you enjoy.


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