Best Summer Mix

Every DJ and Producer who has access to the internet puts out some sort of summer mix to help people enjoy the essentials of summer: beaches, booze, and blazing hot sun.  Out of the hundreds of mixes produced, the one that stood out the most for me was a set put together by a little known French duo with the moniker Klingande.  

This is one of those mixes that you can put on and get lost in for an hour.  The smooth beats blend together in such a head bobbing manner that your neck will hurt by the time the music comes to an end.  The mix was full of blues songs set to up tempo beats.  The marriage of velvety guitar riffs and raspy vocals with uptempo beats is something that needs to be furthered explored in electronic music.  Besides the blues, the mix also includes a couple well known tracks that you can sing along to.  The second song is a remake of the classic summer jam American Boy by Estelle.  If you make it about 30 minutes in you will also be treated to an indie cover of the most played song of this summer, Get Lucky.  After this, the mix takes a turn for the European with an extremely German tune.  If you get weirded out by this and turn off the music, I understand, but I highly recommend listening to the end.  If you do, Klingande will send you on your way with some smooth saxophone, and who doesn’t love the sax.  If you got an hour to kill I highly recommend you download this mix and jam out.


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