Chicken on Chicken


So, last night my buddy hit me up with some questions about how to pan fry chicken.  This is one of the most essential things to have in your culinary repertoire because it’s an easy way to swiftly cook up some dope dinner.  Also, repertoire is a hard word to spell, I had to look that shit up on google.  Back to the point, pan frying chicken always depends on the thickness of the breast.  I usually cut the breast in half and then pound it with a mallet until it is nice and thin.  Make sure you put the chicken in between some plastic wrap before you pound it so chicken juice doesn’t go flying all over your kitchen and you don’t accidentally give yourself salmonella.  A thin breast cooks faster, more evenly, and has more surface area for breaded goodness.  What you want to do first is heat up a pan with a combination of butter and olive oil.  While that’s heating, season your chicken breast with salt/pepper and dip it in a scramble egg/milk mixture.  Make sure the egg has dripped off before you throw that bad boy in some bread crumbs.  Now, the new craze is to use panko, a japanese style breadcrumb, and I’m into it.  Panko is light, tasty, and adds a different texture to the breaded chicken.  So take your eggy chicken and throw that bad boy in the panko and make sure it is evenly coated.  Place the panko crusted breast in the pan and cook it until it is nice and golden brown on both sides and the chicken is producing a clear juice.  If your breast is a little thicker, brown the outside and then place it into a 400° F oven for a couple minutes to finish cooking it.  Cooking your chicken is only half the battle though.  It may be delicious, but the breast is a bland dinner on its own.  Here are two different easy sauce recipes that make for a delicious ass dinner:

I always like a thicker sauce so I add a little extra heavy cream into my concoctions.  If I am feeling healthier, I substitute the heavy cream with some greek yogurt to make the sauce nice and creamy.  Now usually this is where I would end a post, but I’m going to switch things up and also add some music.  Music is key to the culinary experience because it makes the cooking process fun, so here are some dope tunes to jam out to while whipping up some yummy chicken.

A little breakdown of this short playlists for those interested: The first song is by Stavroz, a deep house act, and takes a while to get going but is really great when it gets there.  They have a great saxophone throughout the song that really compliments the beat and envelopes the listener with its smoothness.  The second song, My Type by Saint Motel, is a feel good song with some catchy ass horns.  Next we have a sped up blues song produced by Rob Shulz that has a great guitar riff and soulful vocals.  The song that raps up this short playlist is by Penguin Cafe Orchestra and is just a catchy tune without any vocals.  It’s great background music to nod along to while cooking.  Now get going and cook up some tastiness.


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