Let’s talk shakes.  They are delicious, creamy, and sometimes healthy.  During the summer, every food blogger offers up their favorite magical weight loss shake.  I hate seeing these recipes pop up with their strange combination of tofu, kale, or whatever the new health craze is.  Shakes are not the key to losing those extra five pounds that have been lingering since Christmas.  Nothing works better than eating right and exercising, so get off your lazy ass and run or do some pushups.  Now that I’m done ranting, I can offer up an easy way to make awesome shakes.  In my opinion, the shake is all about consistency.  Nothing is better than a smooth creamy shake, and nothing is worse then a watery shake with chunks of ice floating in it.  Chances are you didn’t succumb to the guy at Costco showing off his super fancy Vitamix 2000 that cost $500, so instead you bought a standard blender.  This is not a problem because the key to making awesome shakes is not in the blender; it’s the fruit.  Freezing the fruit before blending it is the secret to your shake being the dopeness.  Freezing the fruit allows your shake to be cold and adds an element of frothiness to the consistency.  With frozen fruit there is no need for ice, which means no chunks.  Personally my favorite shake is something my friends have dubbed the Mac Attack.  It is a combination of bananas, peanut butter, and milk.  It is super simple and extremely delicious.  You can also add some chocolate protein in there to make it a post-workout protein blast.  Now go freeze some fruit in anticipation for your next shake and then go run or something healthy like that.  You know, cause I said so.


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