The Best Sauce Ever



If you don’t recognize the scrumptious sauce pictured above then I feel sorry for you.  It is Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and it is the dopeness.  Normally, I love every and all application on this delicious sauce, but I recently went to a brunch where the restaurant just kinda threw it on the food.  I don’t consider myself a food snob or critic but I get annoyed when restaurants use Sriracha as a crutch.  It has a lot to offer so its much better to incorporate it into your food in some creative way.  With that premise, I bring you my top 5 favorite things to do with Sriracha.

1. Spicy Mayo

Have you ever been to a sushi place?  If yes, then you know what spicy mayo is.  It is by far the best thing to smother all over your sushi to make it taste awesome.  Surprisingly, it is super easy to make.  Just whisk together 1/2 cup of mayo, juice from a lime, and 2 tablespoons of Sriracha in a bowl.  It is simple as that.  Use this goodness on everything you normally would put mayo on and enjoy.

2. Sriracha Glaze for Shrimp

Nothing is better for a summer time BBQ then some good shrimp.  Here is a simple and easy recipe to use with shrimp for a BBQ (  This recipe combines sweetness with a little kick in order to make some tasty shrimp.

3. Sriracha Chips

First off, I need to say that I think Lays messed up big time with their recent chip creations.  They finally made the choice to expand to new flavors and made a great selection.  Sriracha has so many fans, especially in their prime demographic, college kids.  I was so excited to go out and try the chips.  I hit up every supermarket in my area and turned up empty handed.  The suspense built until I finally found a bad tucked in the corner of a display.  I rushed home to try it, and was greatly disappointed.  These chips tasted nothing like Sriracha.  That’s when I went out in search of a recipe to make my own.  I found this one ( and was very satisfied.  I have a few notes on the recipe to help you make better chips.  First, blend the sriracha and oil in a blender to make sure that they have been mixed as best as possible.  You don’t want one chip to be loaded with heat and the next one be bland  Secondly, make sure that you spray your baking sheet with cooking spray so they chips don’t stick.  Besides those two pointers, the chips are really easy to make and are delicious.  Much better than those nasty Lays.

4. Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce

Nothing is better than some great eggs benedict at brunch.  One way to kick it up a notch is to incorporate some heat into your Hollandiase sauce.  This recipe ( is for some tasty eggs benedict with a kick.  Try it out an enjoy.

5. Put that stuff all over your Chinese food

I know I started this blog off by saying that I hate when restaurants just serve you straight Sriracha.  The only caveat to this rule is Chinese food.  I love dumping as much as my mouth can handle all over my lo mein.  It’s delicious, It’s awesome, and it just needs to be done.  

I hope this post shed some new light on the many ways you can use that magical red sauce.  Now go try some of these recipes for yourself



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