Father’s Day=BBQ time


My dad has a pretty awesome June.  His birthday and Father’s Day are two weeks apart so he lives it up big.  My dad is a creature of habit and demands a BBQ for both of his celebration dinners.  Don’t get me wrong because I am not complaining, I just would do it differently.  Anyway I thought I would write a post about how I BBQ it up.  Everyone does their BBQ a little different so it is hard to share a specific recipe.  I decided to show you guys how I make fries, my favorite BBQ side dish.

Spicy Oven Fries

This isn’t going to be a traditional recipe because I kinda wing it every time i makes these bad boys.  First you start off with some good looking potatoes.



Then you chop those bad boys into fry like shapes.  It is up to you whether or not to leave the skin on.  I like to leave the skin on because it adds another crunchy dimension to the fries.




Next you gotta compile your spices.  I use a combination of Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Chili Powder, and S& P.  I just kinda threw a couple teaspoons of each in a bowl and mixed it up.



I put the chopped up fries in a bowl and added some canola oil.  I dumped the spice mixture in and mixed it all up.



Finally I places the fried on a baking sheet and threw them in a preheated (450 F) oven for about 40 minutes.  Make sure they are crispy before you take them out.



Here is what the final outcome looked like.  I am getting hungry again just looking at these bad boys.



Here is what the final BBQ spread looked like.  Notice how peeps couldn’t wait to eat before I took my picture…I can’t blame them



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